Cocoa Butter Mentega Koko 250g/ 500g
Cocoa Butter Mentega Koko 250g/ 500g
Cocoa Butter Mentega Koko 250g/ 500g
Cocoa Butter Mentega Koko 250g/ 500g

Cocoa Butter Mentega Koko 250g/ 500g

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*Repack from the original packaging*

Product features:
Weight available: 250g/ 500g (the weight maybe differ by +-)

* Cocoa Butter is a type of vegetable fat extracted from cocoa beans.
* Cocoa butter is a healthy fat, mostly saturated just like coconut oil.
* Commonly used for chocolate.

**IMPORTANT** [Not available for East Malaysia]
Dear Sabah / Sarawak Customers, please DO NOT order this product as worry it will get melt.
Sorry that we are NOT able to post this item out to East Malaysia!! Please take Note!!!
Thank you for your understanding.
[Only available within West Malaysia]

**Sorry that we could not 100% guarantee the product condition when deliver to you as we are using 3rd party shipping company and Malaysia Weather is beyond our control .We will wrap and TRY OUR BEST to minimize the risk of damages and protect your goods during shipping. Please bear with us and thank you for your understanding. ***

Non-returnable / Non refundable / Non exchangeable product
Please only order if you agree to take the risk for this product.
Thank you for your understanding

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