Yarra Full Cream Milk 1L
Yarra Full Cream Milk 1L

Yarra Full Cream Milk 1L

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Full fat, full cream and full of love from the farm!
It is made with 100% Imported Australian Fresh Milk that provides superior frothing and will complement every cup of coffee to perfection

We will pack all the parcels with bubble wrap, and pack all the items with box. During shipment, the parcels might be dented, and no compensation will be made. Please do not place order if you do not agree with this t&c. Your understanding is much appreciated! Thank you!

Kita akan bungkus parcel dengan bubble wrap dan kotak. Masa delivery munking barang akan sedikit kemek dan tiada pampasan akan dibuat. Jika anda tidak setuju dengan T&C tersebut, tolong jangan membuat order. Terima kasih atas memahami anda.